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YSA - 2004

YSA-2004 was multiple level activities conducted through the length and breadth of the country. The activities will be in the form of Jatha or non-Jatha activities. Traditionally jathas (march or rallies) have been used for entertainment as well as awareness generation. Here, too, Jatha aims to provide educational and motivational entertainment. The programme was conducted at pre-planed" halts " of the jatha troupes. Activities was built around selected issues of major concern. Non-Jatha was year long general science popularizing activities involving schools, gram panchayat etc.

State & National Level Seminar/workshops

The society has organized a number of seminars, workshops on the topics of current interest for this region e.g.

During (1980-90)

1983 Two day State Level Seminar on “25 years of Science Policy Resolution”

1984Two day State Level Seminar on “Energy-Crisis”. The Seminar recommended Establistment of a Nuclear Reactor in Bihar.

1985 Two day State Level Seminar on “Flood and Drought Control in Bihar" the Seminar recommended for a multipurpose river valley project including construction of a dam over Kosi, at Barahkshetra over Kamla at Sispani and the Bagmati at Nunther.

1989Two day Workshop on “Popularization of Science” supported by C.S.I.R.New Delhi at Srikrishna Science Center

During (1990-2000)

1992Organized Training Programmes on

1992Organized Training Programmes on
(1) Scientific Explanation of Superstitions beliefs. (2) Environment, Health and Nutrition, Water ( drinking water and irrigation), Energy alternatives and Science Software (3) Communication of Science through art form coordination of District LevelBharat Jan Vigyan jatha Programmes.

1993 Coordination and Orgranisation of first State Level Children’s Science Congress ’93 in 42 districts of Bihar. at Taramandal, Patna. Focal theme “Know Your Environment”

1996 Organisation of 3-day National Workshop on “Bringing Elementary education to the grass root as fundamental right” Catalysed by BCST,Delhi University and SCERT.

1997 State Level and regional Training / orientation workshop NCSE’97. 71 Projectpresented at State Congress and 26 project selected for participation at NCSC atregional instt.of Education,Bhopal. Participation atLokshala National Workshops at Karad (Maharastra), Guwahati, Kakching (Manipur) and Wardha (Center of Science for Villages )

1998 Organisation ofState Level andfour regionalTraining orientation workshop: Focal theme “Nature-lets Conserve, Share, Care” NCSC’98 at, Patna, Saharsa, Siwan, Dumka, Jamshedpur, State NCSC ’98 & Child Rights Congress at Bokaro, Collaboration with Education Department, Bokaro Steel Limited Catalysed by BCST, SCERT, NCSTC-DST

During (2000-2010)

2000 Training Workshop on “Laser andits Application“ for +2 Teachersand Students atPhysics Department at Science College, Catalysed and Supported by NCSTC –DST . “Lase Education and its Application” Training workshop held at National Metallurgical Laboratory Jamshedpur, “Science through Hands on Activities “ 3-day Workshop held at Bhagalpur.

2002 Organisation of National Workshop on Training of Resources Persons for Hydroponics activities alongwith Nature Club of India, Supported by NCSTC-DST (at Srikrishna Science Centre, Patna on April 26-30,2002) Organisation of Training Workshop on Teaching/Learningof ScienceThrough Hands on Ctivities atSaharsa (supported byRVSP-DST, New Delhi ) Organization of one day Patent Awarness Workshop at Taramandal Patna inCollarabation withScience College and BCST, Bihar with academic support From TIFAC, New Delhi (Supported by Bihar Council of Science & Techenology,Patna)

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