The society shall consists of the following categories of the member

Individual membership :-

the membership of the society is open to scientists, technologists or any other individuals who has an interest in the interaction of science and society, policies for development and applications of science and technology and objectives of the “society”.

Institutional membership :-

Any institution, professional organization, scientific organization pursuing similar objectives as of the society may be admitted as institutional member upon fulfilling the following conditions:-
(1) Application by the head of the institutional, professional organization or scientific society (2) After fulfilling such other conditions as the executive committee of the society may impose from time to time.

Life membership :-

A person or an institution is also eligible for life membership after paying required subscription.


Make a large number of people scientifically aware as possible. Generate scientific temper in society.

Make more and more people habitual of keeping themselves scientifically aware by acquiring the required / knowledge / information and seeking satisfactory answers to questions that arise in their minds.

Help create an atmosphere / conditions conducive for more people to readily and easily become scientifically aware.

Encourage people to make practical use of their scientific awareness in day to day life, in decisions concerning issues / subjects of concern to them, in overcoming superstitions and tackling blind beliefs and in handling situations arising out of age old practices and traditions which actually hinder progress, harmony or which may harm others.

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